Reducing risks of malware infections

The Best Ways to Protect Your Computer from Malware Infection

Unless you are a lucky owner of the top malware software you are still risking suffering a malware infection. Yet, there are a few ways to ensure that your gadgets are safe and sound.

How to protect computer from malware infection?

In order to protect your devices from malware infection you can resort to some preventive measures.
Use the best malware protection you can find. Install the antivirus program and maintain its work. This will allow you to protect your gadgets from threats. Antivirus detects viruses, malware and other rogue programs trying to get inside your system. Vulnerability of your browser will open a pathway for malware and let it get into other parts of the system, even if those are not usually vulnerable to the attack. The major targets of malware are your email, operating system and files. New threats appear on a daily basis, so even the best malware protection should be updated regularly.
• Microsoft Defender: this is a malware protection developed by Microsoft for Windows. The protection is free of change and you can easily update it using Windows Update. Besides, you can find antivirus software, compatible with Windows in the software vendors list.
• Never open e-mails from unknown senders or files which content hasn’t been confirmed. Many viruses can be transferred through files in e-mails and to infect the device all you need to do is to open this file. It is highly recommended to open files from confirmed senders which you expect to receive.
• Use pop-up blocker. When you are surfing the Internet you can see pop-ups – small windows in your browser that appear above the Internet page. Despite the fact that many of these pop-ups are used as advertisements, they can contain dangerous or malicious code. Pop-up blocker allows user to get rid of some or even all pop-ups.
• If you are running Internet Explorer make sure that SmartScreen filter is on. This filter helps you protect the computer from fishing and rogue programs, by warning you about possible dangers.


Additional ways to protect your devices


Apart from using specialized malware protection you are highly recommended to ensure that your device is running smoothly and the software has been updated. To begin with, update Windows on a regular basis. Microsoft provides their customers with updates regularly, and these updates also help users prevent viruses from attacks by shielding the most vulnerable spots in the system.
Use Firewall. Windows Firewall or any other firewall will inform you about any suspicious activity, when virus or worm will try to attack your computer. Firewall also prevents scammers from infecting the computer (neither directly, nor through viruses or worms).
As you can see there are a few ways you can protect your computer and personal information from scammers. Use the best malware protection and update your software regularly to make sure your gadget is free from any viruses and rogue programs.