Interesting Facts About Ninja Legends Hack Script. Top Best Codes For The Game

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This game was created and developed by Scriptbloxian Studios. The main aim of it is to become more powerful. You can do it via training ninjitsu and buying swords and ranks. Of course, the more you train, the more powerful you are going to be.

How to play

The rules are very simple. You have to train your skills, as it was said above, increase your Ninjitsu experience, exchange the experience into coins (the currency of the game). Due to these coins, you will be able to upgrade the items you have. The more experience you get, the more items you can upgrade. Also, you can buy pets. Pets in Ninja Legends allow you to gain experience and status must faster.

 H2:  Ninja Legends hack script

Codes make any game better and easier. Ninja Legends is not an exception.

Here is the list of the newest codes for this game:

  • skymaster750
  • skyblades10K
  • darkelements2000
  • silentshadows1000
  • chaosblade1000
  • omegasecrets5000
  • soulninja1000
  • ultrasecrets10k
  • secretcrystal1000
  • skymaster750
  • epictrain15
  • legends700m
  • roboninja15
  • dojomasters500
  • autotrain15
  • dragonlegend750
  • zenmaster500
  • epicelements500
  • elementmaster750

The best thing about these codes is that you don’t need explanations about them. You can just look at the code, for example, secretcrystal1000, and you clearly understand that it was made for getting the crystal, which in usual game you can achieve via experience level you have. 

Here is one more list with the valid codes of the game. They are used to get free rewards:

  • goldupdate500
  • goldninja500
  • legends500m
  • senseisanta500
  • christmasninja500
  • blizzardninja500
  • mythicalninja500
  • legendaryninja500
  • shadowninja500
  • epicflyingninja500
  • flyingninja500
  • legends200m
  • legends100m
  • dragonwarrior500
  • sparkninja20
  • desertninja250
  • soulhunter5
  • swiftblade300
  • masterninja750
  • fastninja100
  • epicsensei500
  • launch100
  • epicninja250

New codes are added very often, so there are new opportunities to make the game more interesting every day. 

As for using codes, there is nothing easier. All you have to do is to click on the button with codes, you will see the blue button on the right side, and a green one near to it. You should type the code you need and click enter. You are done.

As it was said before, there is all-the-time update of different codes and scripts.

Here is a kind of a list of the latest updates:

A lof of new swords

Inner Peace Island (New location with x30 Sell Area)

ShadowStorm (Allows you to combine a lot of dark elements in i=order to create just one)

Skyblade Legends (It is a Pet Pack, it contains a lot of OP Pets for your game)

SkyBlade Pet Tier (New version)

Ultra Shockwave (Pet Crystal. It also contains a skyblade as well)

New ranks (2 objects)

Secret the Pet Crystal (This thing is very difficult to find and you will have to check a lot of locations for finding it)

Older pack of Pets will be able to get them for free, using inventory space

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