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Computer games are probably one of the coolest things that humanity has ever come up with. Where else can you fulfill a witch’s order for a griffin, disenchant a spell or compete with the Beast? All this is possible thanks to video games, which are addictive and make you disappear in them for hours, weeks, or even months.

Many players must have dreamed of becoming a part of the game development industry and using the full depth of their imagination in developing their own games. Did you know that Epic Games jobs offer this opportunity? It’s time to learn about the specifics of the work of game developers in this field, about the technologies that they must own, as well as get an answer to the question of how to become a game developer.

Who are the Developers of Games in Epic Games?

In fact, video game development is a complex process that often involves a whole team of specialists. Thus, about two hundred people can work on the creation of a large game product. And possible jobs include the following:

  • Motion animators.
  • Facial animators.
  • Painters.
  • Game designers for game levels, characters, dialogues, etc.
  • UI / UX developers.
  • Scripters.
  • Modelers.
  • Programmers
  • Voice actors.
  • Localizers.
  • Screenwriters.
  • Testers.
  • Composers.
  • Sound engineers.
  • HR-s.
  • Project managers, etc.

Naturally, you don’t have to have a whole army of employees to create a game. A small team, limited to game designers and programmers, can develop games. Or it can even be created by one person, who can combine several professions at once.

And now Epic Games are interested in game programmers. Those are participants in the process of creating a game, who are entrusted to implement game ideas and concepts in the form of program code.

Mathematics is Needed

Math makes games work. Adjusting your projectile to the location of an enemy tank, calculating the flight path of a thrown grenade, implementing a jump with a return to the ground, realistic character climbing upstairs, etc. are impossible without mathematics, as, indeed, any other action. The developed game engines already have certain templates according to which the game mechanics function. However, these are only the basic laws of the interaction of the in-game world. If you want to contribute something of your own, then you should program.

In the creation of games, such areas of mathematics as linear algebra, analytical geometry, discrete mathematics, and trigonometry are used. analysis. Simply put, you should be good at first-year engineering-level math.


Knowledge of physics is also important. If mathematics provides a toolkit for programming a game, then physics implements it. It is necessary to create the laws of your game universe like the speed of bullets, destruction, falling objects, the movement of cars, and so on. Here knowledge in the field of classical and fluid mechanics, as well as optics, will be useful.

Of course, in every branch of game development, mathematics and physics will come in handy in different ways. However, if you are going to take up game development on a serious basis, then these subjects must be well proficient.

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